Creative Influences

I am Grateful to God for creating my parents and to my parents for loving each other, creating and loving me.  I wouldn't be able to do anything If I didn't exist.

I am Grateful to Artist Kristin Hampton - She is the first person I knew that I would have called an artist.  The girl can literally make anything and has been doing it since childhood.  The paint and bling used on most of the SeaGlass Collection are donated from her supply.  Kristin has always been super positive and encouraging not only with my art but with my life.

I am Grateful to God for answering my prayer of Help for me ,my Dad and introducing me to Artist John Lohse.  If Kristin was the first Artist I met at age 15 then John would be the second at age 35. This guy, you have know Idea, explosive creativity beyond measure and pure gentlemen to boot.  He introduced me to the Art world and anything I know how to do on a canvas is because he taught me how.  From Painting Day for Dad to the Present Moment he has pushed and encouraged me to keep going beyond who I thought I could be.  No John Lohse, no me writing this to say an eternal thank you for helping me with my Dad and the gift of Art.

I am Grateful to John Lohse for inviting to CoSM to meet Alex Grey & Allyson Grey.  I had never met anyone let alone a couple that lived their creativity and love the way Alex & Allyson do.  If John does not invite me to CoSM  I would have never have seen what really living a creative life at maximum output looks like and believing that I can do that too.  The Greys, CoSM artists and volunteers allowed for the person that I was to heal and the person that I am to exist. That person is my authentic self.  No CoSM, No Me allowing myself to live the creative dream.  I've never been happier.  Thank you so much.

I am Grateful to Eileen "Rosie" Rose and Dr. Michael Garger for the communal sand mandalas created with colorfully creative good intentions at CoSM Events. The sand is a different color in each squeeze bottle and attendees are invited throughout the event to collaborate and create the mandala with good intentions.  At the end of the event Rosie and Mike collect, bag up and invite everyone to take the bagged good intentions or "CoSM Dust" home with them as a blessing.  Each piece of The SeaGlass Collection art on a Surf, Boogie & Skimboard have the good intentions given from CoSM sprinkled onto each piece. The intention was to keep the good intentions going relayed from CoSM through me onto the SeaGlass Collection combined with everyone that collaborates raising the vibration of good knowing that once the piece was given, sold, raffled or auction that a ton of good intentions would be helping that cause.  Thank you Rosie & Mike!!! 

I am Grateful to Maria Brophy and Drew Brophy. Although, I haven't met them yet.  After seeing Live painting for the first time at CoSM I researched" how to live paint at an event" and found an article that Maria wrote about live painting and it was also how I was introduced to Drew's work.  This was before I ever painted on a surfboard. Over 40 Live Paintings later I have never been happier!!!  Thank you both for inspiring me from afar.

I am Grateful to Joey Wester. I met Joey at Art Expo New York 2018. I was Exhibiting 8 Ways to Say Hello and volunteering in the Rising Artist Section. Joey was walking down the aisle beside my exhibit handing out cards to her booth. I said hello and we chatted for a while. After researching her art I saw that she made art that appeared in Movies and Television. I thought it would be fun to show my work that way as well as portray an artist in a movie that makes art in a movie. Each time I auditioned for a role I mentioned that I am an artist and that I could provide original art from my collection or make original art for the production. 1 year and 6 months later I played an artist, had 8 ways to say hello in the gallery scene, made original art, for the film and recreated the art studio scene with my creation tools and selected paintings. This was a New York Film Academy Student Thesis Film called Limbo, Driected by Daniel Ilishayev. Thank you Joey Wester!