Open Canvas Day - Ft Lauderdale, FL 10/28/2017
The Baby Room

Photos of the Process


Kristin Hampton called me and said that her friend Jennifer that does faux finishes needs help with a mural she is working on in Brooklyn.  A few hours later I received a text from Jennifer introducing herself and asking if I had time to come and help with the project.  

The next morning I was in the Dumbo section of Brooklyn right across the path from the carousel in a 150 year building preserved by the historical society with shops, business and a restaurant under completion named SUGARCANE.

Jennifer explained that the murals needed to look like they were just found as if excavated and to look like they 150 years old.  We also could not use paint, only colored chalk sticks, wire brushes, soap and scrub brushes.

Already working on the project was artist Arnold Palmetoh. We enlisted the help of Artists John Lohse, Mislim Ruci, Dez, Ron Leach and later Kristin Hampton to complete the project. 

Too much fun!!! I got to get up everyday listen to the music I liked, be around really great, nice, fun working, creative people, have everything taken care learn lessons about different types of walls, make new friends of and play on what was to be my second experience painting murals.





Photos of the Process

Open Canvas Day - Ft Lauderdale, FL 10/28/2017
Open Canvas Day - Ft Lauderdale, FL 10/28/2017


Open Canvas Day

Kristin and I drove to open canvas day to see what was happening and have some art fun.  We arrived to see artists and murals going up and all around including all around the roof of the buildings.  I was excited to paint and found the wall that was open to the public stenciled and painted my third mural.  YAY Fish!!!  We also had a lot fun listening to beats from the stage under the tent.  Happy to see the free book truck!!!



The Baby Room
The Baby Room

1 st Solo Mural and Babies Room

We decided to redo the piece. 

First Ryan Williams and I scraped the wall.

Ryan skim coated it and  I sanded it down,

I repainted the wall to the original color

Received more clear direction on what to

Then and it came out like this...


I had never painted a rose before.  Excited to see if I could do it.  Very happy for the result and so was the family.

Yay Roses!!!

Wynwood South Beach Hotel in Miami, FL Dec 2017

Artist Assistant for KDH Creations Mural during renovation of Wynwood South Beach Hotel

Pilot episode one of See The Canvas of Your Mind On Wall Tv Episode 1 Artist Kristin Hampton In Miami

Best Ever Mural for Starr Ackerman 1/29/2018

Best Ever Mural for Starr - mixed media acrylic paint, chalk, oil pastel. North Long Branch, NJ

Photos and Videos of Progress